Greenside Estates miniseries

Presented by Annaliesse Kelly, Principal and Interior Designer of AK Design, the new “Greenside Estates” Youtube video series invites viewers to explore her very own home renovation located in Squamish BC. From concept all the way to completion, this mini series will cover all the details – good, bad, funny… and not so funny involved in an interior renovation. Follow along!


Professionally shot and edited by Korch Media

Episode 6 - Site Update

Annaliesse checks back in to see the progress to date, next time we will be on site will be for the final reveal! Stay tuned…

Episode 5 - SSC Countertops

Quick visit to the SSC Countertops facility to source stone for Annaliesse’s primary bathroom and take a peak at previously selected stone for her powder room and kitchen.

Episode 4 - Shopping

As progress continues on site, Annaliesse and Frederique head out to visit some of their favourite vendors in the city in hopes of sourcing a few items for the reno!

Episode 3 - Site Update With Warren

Join Annaliesse and her partner Warren on site and walk through the progress to date.

Episode 2 - Our Process

Welcome to the AK Design office! Join Annaliesse and the team (link to team page) and learn a bit about the design process (link to process page). Stick around at the end to hear about progress on site!

Episode 1 - Pre Demo Tour

Meet Annaliesse Kelly and take a pre demo tour around her latest, and very personal, project in Squamish, BC.