Kerrisdale, Vancouver

A lovely family of four were seeking a house they could call a forever home. After 8 years of searching, the clients stumbled upon a house in Vancouver’s stylish Kerrisdale neighbourhood that felt right but was due for a full renovation. 

This project utilizes a bright and elegant design approach, providing functional value and aesthetic beauty to the space. The original layout of the home felt dark and cramped, so several walls were torn down in the kitchen to create a bright and airy open-concept space that instantly transforms the entire home. 

With the walls removed, the kitchen and the rest of the home become one cohesive space that seamlessly wraps around the central circulation of the home: the staircase. This was achieved through high-level custom millwork around the kitchen, dining area and living room, connecting each room to the next while keeping each area visually distinct. 

Photographed by Tina Kulic with Ema Peter Photography

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