West Vancouver

This 1960s mid-century modern home needed a fresh, practical upgrade that improved the space’s flow without sacrificing its minimal design and gorgeous build. Nestled between a West Vancouver forest, we redid the years of renovations to expose the stunning natural beauty of the original space, revealing a modern oasis tucked away in nature. 

The entire house is surrounded by old growth trees, including one that grows out of the back patio, giving this home a magical “treehouse” feel. Rather than strip away the home’s more dated features, we tidied them up, opened up any closed-off areas, and added new features where needed. 

We relocated the primary suite to the main level and added new state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems. The striking rock fireplace in the living room is another original feature we kept, wanting to maintain the home’s connection to nature. 

Downstairs, a new floating staircase and hallway divided by a glass door expands the area without any creating any visual blocks. A cozy reading nook set against a backdrop of lush greenery instantly adds to the treehouse ambience, ensuring the home remains at one with the surrounding natural landscape.

Photographed by Ema Peter Photography

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