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Greenside Estates miniseries

Presented by Annaliesse Kelly, Principal and Interior Designer of AK Design, the new “Greenside Estates” Youtube video series invites viewers to explore her very own home renovation located in Squamish BC. From concept all the way to completion, this mini series will cover all the details – good, bad, funny… and not so funny involved in an interior renovation. Follow along!


Professionally shot and edited by Korch Media

Episode 6 - Site Update

Annaliesse checks back in to see the progress to date, next time we will be on site will be for the final reveal! Stay tuned…

Episode 5 - SSC Countertops

Quick visit to the SSC Countertops facility to source stone for Annaliesse’s primary bathroom and take a peak at previously selected stone for her powder room and kitchen.

Episode 4 - Shopping

As progress continues on site, Annaliesse and Frederique head out to visit some of their favourite vendors in the city in hopes of sourcing a few items for the reno!

Episode 3 - Site Update With Warren

Join Annaliesse and her partner Warren on site and walk through the progress to date.

Episode 2 - Our Process

Welcome to the AK Design office! Join Annaliesse and the team (link to team page) and learn a bit about the design process (link to process page). Stick around at the end to hear about progress on site!

Episode 1 - Pre Demo Tour

Meet Annaliesse Kelly and take a pre demo tour around her latest, and very personal, project in Squamish, BC.





Private Residential Projects

We have over a decade of experience designing stunning residential spaces that instantly feel like home, utilizing timeless design elements and innovative features throughout. Whether your dream is a contemporary West Coast-style home or something traditional and elegant, we’ll design a space that truly reflects you and your goals.

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Commercial Projects

We create commercial spaces that reflect your company culture and brand, including boutique bars and restaurants, custom retail stores, lounges, bespoke event installations and more. From concept to completion, we collaborate with your team throughout the process and work with the industry’s best architects and partners to design a project that surpasses expectations. 






We design multi-residential properties with the Lower Mainland’s top developers, from boutique and conversion developments to towers and low-rise projects. We work together with your sales team, marketing team and consultants at every stage to ensure an exceptional final result.


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AK Design is a Vancouver based full-service interior design firm that specializes in luxury residential homes, boutique commercial locations, development and bespoke design projects.


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    Located in Vancouver, Canada

    We guide our clients from concept through to completion, using dedicated design processes and a clear understanding of construction with a focus on logistics. Our dynamic team offers top professional insight and seamless collaboration with architects, vendors and trades, creating beautiful spaces with success and efficiency.

    We provide exceptional service, focused on collaboration and pride ourselves on creating trust with all project partners. Interior design is our vehicle to participate with our community and provides us with the platform to transform the way we live, work and collaborate.


    Annaliesse Kelly


    Annaliesse has been in the design world for 20 years. Throughout her award winning career, Annaliesse has worked with Canada’s top architectural firms, contractors and artisans to create spaces that reflect the individual needs of her clients.

    Maude Olignon


    Maude has loved the architecture and design world since she was 14 years old. She grew up in Angers, France and studied Art and Literature in the French town of Sablé-sur-Sarthe. After graduating with a Masters degree in 2016, Maude worked at a few design and architecture firms in Paris, landing her first project manager job for the renowned French architect Fabrizio Casiraghi.

    Maude enjoys designing minimalistic spaces with a touch of European and vintage elements throughout. She loves being involved in the design process from construction to completion, transforming a blank space into a home. Outside of her design work, Maude enjoys knitting and taking photos with her vintage 1970s camera.

    Camila Basavilbaso


    Camila loves the simple, day-to-day design details that shape a space into something special. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to Madrid, Spain when she was 15 years old. Much of her inspiration comes from visiting Europe’s beautiful museums and historical landmarks.

    Camila later moved to back to Buenos Aires to study architecture, working for two large design firms before moving to Vancouver in 2020 and joining AK Design. She enjoys designing homes that are timeless and minimalistic with splashes of colour and texture.

    Natalia Osuna Bio Photo

    Natalia Osuna


    Born in Mexico, Natalia has always had a love for the architecture and design world. She previously worked as a project manager for two design firms in Mexico City before moving to Canada in 2013.

    Inspired by how interior design can shape people’s moods and influence their lives, Natalia’s design ethos takes a ‘less is more’ approach with a bit of whimsy through colour and texture. She loves to design clean, soft spaces that put colour to use in creative ways.

    Andrea Smith


    With a background in Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba, Andrea has always been drawn to how well-designed, beautiful spaces can change a person’s mood. She brings a modern and eclectic style to AK Design, pulling inspiration from European architecture and timeless moments throughout history.

    Andrea excels at exploring new design ideas that complement each other in creative, stylish ways. Outside of work, she enjoys visiting her summer cottage in Manitoba or cross-country skiing in the wintertime.

    Shani Bakker

    Shani Bakker


    Shani grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to Canada in 2010. She comes from a family of designers and artists; her grandfather was a graphic designer who taught her to colour and draw, while her father and aunt worked in real estate.

    With a background in events and customer service, Shani loves how interior design blends the technical with the creative. She enjoys sustainable design and natural textures, and uses her technical skills and expertise to source the perfect finishes for every space.

    Frederique De Raucourt

    Frederique de Raucourt

    Designer & Marketing Manager

    Growing up in British Columbia’s North Shore, Frederique’s design style blends traditional details with modern comforts. Before starting with AK Design in 2018, Frederique lived in Paris, France for a year studying Art History at the American University of Paris. She draws much of her inspiration from her French roots, travels, and nature.

    Currently studying at Toronto Metropolitan University – formerly Ryerson University – and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Design in the Spring of 2023.

    Cristiana Ion Bio Photo

    Cristiana Ion

    Operations and Business Development Manager

    Cristiana has always loved being creative and is drawn to the interior design world for its intersection between creativity and business. She was born in Romania and lived there until she was 8 years old, before moving to Edmonton and later to Vancouver.

    Cristiana attended school at the University of Edmonton, obtaining a business degree with a focus on Business Economics. Before becoming AK Design’s Operations and Business development Manager, Cristiana managed a marketing firm.

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    “Annaliesse devoted a tremendous amount of time and patience to understanding our end users’ needs based on the various functions of our building. Her knowledge, expertise and creativity helped us ensure the practicality for each piece of furniture without sacrificing style and flair. AK Design was thorough and professional throughout the entire process and was a tremendous asset to the project.”


    “Our family has entrusted the AK Design team on a few projects over the past several years and we cannot recommend Annaliesse more. Her style and vision, energy and professionalism, and willingness to honour our personal preferences, has set her apart.”


    Fantastic work! Personal and patient. They were happy to revise our plans multiple times until we were confident that we were happy with our room layout. Great taste and vision. I love Annaliesse’s style!


    Where do I EVEN begin! We were way over our heads when decided to completely renovate our newly purchased 3800SF house! AK Design guided us the entire way – from removing walls to bathroom tile selection. I found out I have Transitional Style (which really helps knowing when navigating through design sites) which helped us decide (among other things) to paint my 10ft kitchen island Van Dusen Blue, which looks awesome!

    She listens, she has amazing taste, is fashionable and is funny! A big reason why I keep using her…(we had to phase our renovation due to baby #2 arriving) is because she can make quick and amazing decisions – which for a busy mom of now 2 toddlers with a demanding job, is worth all the money. Call her today, she is busy for a good reason, because she is the best! Add value to your biggest asset by utilizing her!

    LAURA H.

    Annaliesse and her team have been an extraordinary addition to our project. Annaliesse has an amazing eye for the details and layers of design, and she is helping us put our vision on paper. She has added new dimensions and angles to our preliminary floor plans, taking our plan to the next level, with the contemporary and unique edge we aim to include.

    She and her team also have excellent ideas for selections and finishes to make the design feel cohesive and elegant. Her work product is top notch and impressive, and her concept packages and drawings help the client visualize the layers and dimensions of each space. Annaliesse’s enthusiasm and passion for design is very evident and contagious, and we appreciate her hard work, patience and honesty throughout the process. We highly recommend her company, and we are very thankful for her beautiful ideas and time to make our home *perfect* for us.

    JOAN M.

    We hired Annaliesse to design a complete renovation of our kitchen and family room. Without a doubt, it was the best decision we could have made. First, she is an amazing designer. She was able to completely capture our design style and bring our dream kitchen to reality. By nature, we are control-freaks but by the end when faced with a design decision, we would simply say “Annaliesse, you decide”. We trusted that she would make the right choice for us, and she always did. Second, she is a happy, positive person who is fun to be around.

    A major renovation involves a lot of headaches and stress, and to interact with someone with her personality makes the process much more enjoyable. We would work with Annaliesse again, and highly recommend her. We absolutely love our space.


    Annaliesse is such a fireball of talent and creativity. She is so passionate about what she does you can’t help but be passionate along with her! She genuinely cares about what her clients envision for their space and makes sure they’re involved in the process and are completely taken care of.

    She designed the interior of my new town home and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants a designer who will go the extra mile to make a space dream come true.


    I am a custom cabinet sales person and have had the pleasure of working alongside Annaliesse and look forward to working together in the future. She is a professional designer who not only understands how to coordinate colours and various materials, but also designs to create spaces that are beautiful and functional. Her attention to detail shows in her drawings that are detailed, accurate, and realistic. I would recommend anyone looking for an interior design to contact Annaliesse for your next project.


    Annaliesse is an extraordinary talent and visionary! I can’t say enough great things about her. We worked together on our small kitchen remodel and she put as much care into the project as she would a much larger scope of work. She always ensured we were happy along the way and truly was excited about helping us create something beautiful.


    I’ve been fortunate enough to work with AK Design on a few projects now, and am always impressed with the attention to detail they provide on both their designs and on the administrative side. Highly recommended and very reliable.


    Annalisse thinks through the details that we didn’t even know we needed to think about! I regularly see things in my home that I’m so grateful that they are the way they are. She’s got tremendous expertise and is a great resource. She’s someone you want on your team.


    Working with Annaliesse was a fantastic experience. She listened to our goals and created a beautiful and functional family home that I look forward to coming home to everyday. Annaliesse was a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to renovate or build their home and look forward to an opportunity to work with her again.


    Annaliesse Kelly has a great eye for design and took us through a thoughtful design process. She is very personable and stepped us through various design options, selection of furniture and helped us create a beautiful new space. We are ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED with the end product!

    TIM W.

    We talked to a few other local interior designers before hiring Annaliesse. We had high hopes and very high expectations after our first month of meetings and selecting materials. Annaliesse would tackle each obstacle patiently and creatively. I learned to trust her methods and instincts when a problem surfaced, she was our leader in this project and our job was to provide needs and concerns openly. Day after day, we worked together, our home’s completed!

    We have just moved into our “new home” and everyday we’re discovering bits and pieces of details Annaliesse put into the design of our home. Now looking back I’m really impressed how she was able to foresee all these functional and aesthetic little details at the beginning, and we’re not easily impressed. Hiring the right designer for our home was the key to our successful reno. We love our brand new home! Thank you Annaliesse.

    FAY TU

    Annaliesse worked with us on the interior design and construction plans for our house renovation. While we had already worked with an architect, Annaliesse improved upon the plans considerably; she took the concept to a whole new level and really maximized our house’s potential. As to the interior design, she was very thoughtful and observant. She was able to capture our quirky aesthetic, while maintaining practicality and adhering to a strict budget. Our house is now a space that perfectly reflects our unique needs and personalities.


    Annaliesse Kelly did the interior design for my new detached house in Burnaby and I am very happy with her service. As an enthusiast of interior design, I went through a few rounds of screening and interviews and finally chose AK, mainly for her outstanding aesthetic taste. The design from AK never disappoints me. Also, what impressed me most is her ability to listen to the customer’s needs and turn them into reality.

    My wife and I had a four-page wish list for the interior design. Annaliesse sat down with us and went through each item on the list, and discovered our needs through the lines then incorporated the needs into her design. I would recommend AK to anyone who wants to hire an outstanding interior designer with caring heart and great tastes.


    Annaliesse is creative ball of energy that is unlike anything I have ever seen! Her passion for design runs deep…

    As a builder, we greatly appreciate her clear and organized design packages. This makes pricing and scheduling the project straightforward with no grey areas. We hope to continue to work with AK and her team and would highly recommend her for New Builds, Renovations & Commercial Projects.


    Annnaliesse and her AK Design team are true professionals and I highly recommend working with Annaliesse. I found Annaliesse to be very responsive to my questions, changes and issues that came up with my builder during the construction process. Her ideas and vision were clear and I am extremely happy with the outcome of my new home.


    Dreamlife worked with AK Design team on the Morrison project in North Vancouver. Their design for the 40 Townhomes was beautifully crafted, and the selection of materials helped the client bring these homes to the market in a powerful and attractive way. Our company, Dreamlife was contracted to help visualize the designs and we had an opportunity to work first hand with AK Design’s team and it was both professional and fun. We would love to collaborate again and highly recommend their company.


    We were delighted with the renovation and interior design by Annaliesse Kelly. We created a vision together for the result we were looking for and Annaliesse made it happen. She has a strong point of view and we valued her opinion, steering us toward superior choices that we would not have made on our own. She has a bright, professional demeanour and is a strong advocate for her clients. Everyone who visits our condo is in awe of the stunning outcome.


    The AK Design team was fantastic.
    They had great ideas, great material sourcing, and great trades that executed our vision.


    AK Design is a pleasure to work with. We find the friendly staff to be organized and knowledgeable. Their style is versatile; they will work with you to ensure you end up with the feel you are looking for.

    We highly recommend working with AK Design!


    Annaliesse’s approach and excellent taste was invaluable to me in designing and executing my apartment renovation. I had some ideas of course but Annaliesse quickly understood my preferences and personal tastes, and customised a beautiful renovation that still looks as good today as it did 8 years ago! Annaliesse is attentive, hard working and professional, with a fantastic attitude towards getting things done and making them look amazing. Highly recommended.


    We had an amazing experience working with Annaliesse on the total renovation of our 3 bedroom condo in Yaletown. At the time she was with Shift Interiors, but our relationship was with Annaliesse. She listened to a long long list of requests and came up with an plan that we absolutely loved.

    She was always open to our input throughout the process, but her plan was so well nailed down there really wasn’t really anything to comment on. Annaliesse provided a short list of contractors to interview, and helped us through the process. Once demo and construction commenced she assisted when hiccups occurred – they will happen. The outcome is a space that we love.


    Annaliesse Kelly and her AK Design team were integral to our renovations! AK offered us sound, cost-effective, & personalized leads on sourcing. They are the definition of integrity, striking design and passion!

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    BEST RENOVATION: $700,000 - $1 MILLION



    We won GRAY Magazine’s BEST EXHIBIT at IDS Vancouver ‘Open Studio’, re-imagining the bathroom as a sanctuary.

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